Brouwersgracht 49 - 1015 GB Amsterdam

The Jewish secOnd generation art & family  Museum Amsterdam

Open from 2022 on: Thursday, Friday & Saturday: 11 till 17


The Jewish secOnd generation art & family  Museum Amsterdam is a museum of
Maarten van der Heijden
about democracy and rule of law, beautifully located at the Brouwersgracht 49 in the heart of the monumental 17th century canal belt in the center of Amsterdam.

visual art
family stories of the Holocaust

learning & education center
blue glass collection
sculpture garden
meet the artist
museumcafé (opening soon)

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The VISUAL ART of Maarten van der Heijden, Boaz Arad, Christian Boltanski and Karel Gomes and MUSIC composed by my grandfather Martin Spanjaard (1892-1942).

Ask questions

To Maarten van der Heijden, the artist and inhabitant of the house and hear about his familystories of the Holocaust.


[After the opening of the museumcafé] A delicious piece of 'Omi's apple pie' , the best in town.

Maarten van der Heijden:

          My name is Maarten van der Heijden and I am Jewish. I was born in 1947. Just after the war. I belong to the so called Jewish second-generation. My grandfather Martin Spanjaard, a musical conductor, was murdered in Auschwitz.
           I always knew that I was Jewish, but I did not do anything with that. After a personal crisis (1993-2000) I made a quest into my Jewish roots and Judaism. And what did I find? On the one hand the beauty of the Talmud and Jewish mysticism. On the other hand the horror of the Shoah.

series Grotesques (2010)

series Tissues (2010)

series 141 BOXES (2011)

My blue glass collection (481 items). 

Sculpture garden with three Commedia dell'arte figures of Karel Gomes (1930-2016)

VIEW VIDEO (15 minutes):

Maarten van der Heijden: Finally Jewish again / Dutch: Eindelijk weer joods.
By Tal Sarid and Michiel & Maarten Boogerman (2013). 
Dutch spoken; English version in preparation.


Marc van Berkel - senior educator History / Hogeschool Arnhem en Nijmegen
lmember International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance

Gijs van der Ham - formerly senior conservator History at Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Beppe Kessler - jewellery & visual art

Dolph Kessler - photographer

David Sperber - research fellow Jewish art, Israeli art & art and religion at
David Hartman Center Israel
Egbarta Veenhuizen - visual artist